U.S. Soccer Announces Inaugural Fan Council

Five U.S. Soccer Fan Members Elected to Serve on Council Representing Fan Interests
U.S. Soccer Crest
U.S. Soccer Crest

CHICAGO (Jan. 23, 2017) – Five U.S. Soccer members (referred to as Individual Sustaining Members in U.S. Soccer Bylaws) have been elected to serve on the inaugural Fan Council that gives U.S. Soccer fans a voice in the Federation’s governance. Ashley Brown, Marcus Cranston, Kimberly Kershaw, Jessica Malone and Chris Wixson will represent fan interests.

Of the five (5) Fan Council members, two (2) will be selected to represent U.S. Soccer members (officially referred to in the Bylaws as Individual Sustaining Members) at the 2018 Annual General Meeting. There, they’ll be involved in voting for U.S. Soccer president, budget approval and related Federation governance. The two selected representatives will serve two-year terms.

The National Council, the Federation’s central voting body, is made up of councils representing U.S. Soccer stakeholders, such as athletes, professional soccer leagues and youth soccer. In spring of 2017, the National Council approved the addition of fan representatives to the annual National Council Meeting.

The application for fan representatives was open to all U.S. Soccer members. The five winners are dedicated supporters from across the country. Cranston and Wixson are long-time supporters who have followed the USA at several World Cups, and are heavily involved with their local American Outlaws chapter. Malone helped found her local AO chapter, Brown has quickly risen to become a Silver-level member with U.S. Soccer and Kershaw has raised her daughter as an avid fan.

The two members who serve as fan representatives on the National Council will vote on U.S. Soccer governing authorities including:

  • The election of U.S. Soccer President
  • Approval of U.S. Soccer budgets
  • The adoption of amendments to the articles of incorporation and bylaws of U.S. Soccer
  • Affirming the policies approved by the Board of Directors for the past year

U.S. Soccer will be available to Fan Council members for general questions about the AGM, as it is for all members; however, the Fan Council delegates will make all voting decisions on their own.

All U.S. Soccer members have the ability to support the growth of soccer and be a part of the Federation’s mission to make soccer, in all its forms, the preeminent sport in the United States.

About the Fan Council Members:

Ashley Brown – An avid supporter for both club and country, Brown is a season ticket holder for three professional soccer teams. She travels frequently to support the USA and her favorite pro clubs. An attorney, Brown seeks to provide fans of the Women’s National Team a greater voice.

Marcus Cranston – Easy to spot in the stands as “Eagleman,” Cranston has been to over 70 U.S. matches, including every World Cup since 1998. He was a founding member with the U.S. Soccer membership program and currently serves as secretary for the American Outlaws’ Portland chapter. A former coach and current player, Cranston is a retired Air Force colonel and physician, as well as a father of two.

Kimberly Kershaw – An active fan of both the Men’s and Women’s National Teams for several years, Kershaw has spent her career working in sport management. She became a member when she began bringing her young daughter to National Team matches, and she looks to represent the interests of U.S. Soccer fans both young and old. 

Jessica Malone – Malone helped co-found her local AO chapter and is a proud supporter of the U.S. Soccer Development Fund. She loves to travel both domestically and abroad to support the U.S. National Teams. While she already preaches her passion for U.S. Soccer to friends and family, she’s excited to represent supporters’ voice on the Fan Council.

Chris Wixson – A gold-level U.S. Soccer member, Wixson has accumulated 50 caps and has followed the USA at every World Cup since 1994. He’s the President of his local AO chapter in Boulder, Colo., and a background in the world of marketing ensures his perspective brings a solid mix of passionate fandom and real-world business acumen.