QUIZ: Clint Dempsey’s 57 International Goals

On this day 15 years ago - May 28, 2005 - Clint Dempsey headed home the first of his 57 international goals in a 2-1 defeat to England at Soldier Field in Chicago. The strike started him down the course of eventually tying long-time teammate Landon Donovan for the U.S. Men’s National Team’s joint goal scoring record which he achieved in July 2017. 

In this week’s quiz, we ask you to name each of the 29 countries Deuce scored against in international play. 


  • Goals are dated chronologically, with hints on which competition they were scored in and the confederation the opponent came from.

  • Once a correct country is guessed, it will fill in each game Dempsey scored against them.

  • Incorrect guesses will not count against your score, but will be filled in at the bottom. One way or another, all countries Dempsey played against for the USMNT are accounted for in the quiz. 

  • Once you finish, tweet your scores to @USMNT and then watch this video of Deuce’s international goals – DON’T CHEAT THOUGH!



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