U.S. Soccer Unveils “Always Possible / Todo Es Posible” Campaign For U.S. Women’s National Team Ahead Of 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

U.S. Soccer’s First-Ever Creative Collective Was Comprised of Primarily Women from Diverse Backgrounds and Artistic Expertise Developed the Campaign

CHICAGO (April 5, 2023) – U.S. Soccer today unveiled “Always Possible / Todo es Posible”, the U.S. Women’s National Team campaign which will unite the team and fans across the United States ahead of and during the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

U.S. Soccer collaborated with its first-ever Creative Collective to develop the campaign. Comprised primarily of women creatives from diverse backgrounds and expertise, the Collective began working on the campaign in the fall of 2022 to bring to life through graphics and copy the inspiring ethos, of the USWNT as it prepares to take the world’s biggest stage.

Created by the Creative Collective in partnership with U.S. Soccer’s marketing team over several months, the campaign development involved input and feedback from the USWNT players, U.S. Soccer’s Sporting Department, and fan research incorporating key insights about U.S. Soccer’s Next Gen Multicultural fan base. “Always Possible / Todo es Posible” will be featured across multiple touchpoints including but not limited to the USWNT’s social media platforms, home matches, and environmental signage in team-controlled locations in the leadup to and during the World Cup.

“We’re very proud to have worked together with the Collective, USWNT players and staff while keeping our fans front and center to develop a campaign that will authentically convey the WNT narrative in a way that will unite the country behind our athletes,” said U.S. Soccer Vice President of Marketing Kay Bradley. “We’re also inspired by the journey we embarked on with U.S. Soccer’s first-ever Creative Collective. These artists took on an important task head on and contributed to a campaign that we believe embodies the spirit of the team in way that will connect with current and prospective fans everywhere.

The “Always Possible / Todo es Posible” campaign video was narrated by Angel City FC co-owner Natalie Portman. The club will be featured in the three-part docuseries Angel City on HBO Max beginning in May. Pulling back the curtain on the origin story through the 2022 inaugural season of the female-founded and led team, the series reveals the passion and grit needed to build a franchise from scratch and blaze a bold trail in the world of professional sports.

A rallying theme for all fans everywhere to get behind the USWNT, “Always Possible / Todo es Posible” was created around three key themes: championing the voices of fans and athletes, connecting people and communities, and inspiring participation and belonging. 

With a new challenge ahead on the biggest stage for international women’s sport, the USWNT’s journey to the World Cup has featured a group of veterans leaving a lasting legacy and new stars in the making, forming a relentless group that champions its individual diversity while relying on its collective strength. Fueled by those they aim to inspire, these women are game changers on and off the field.

“Always Possible / Todo es Posible” represents not being limited by predefined boundaries and taking the initiative to write one’s own future. The campaign represents the many voices of athletes and fans and the cyclical relationship of both inspiring each other.

The cosmic burst and trail design are inspired by the visual representation of a Super Nova and the natural draping of the American flag in motion. A supernova is a powerful and luminous explosion of a star which can trigger the formation of new stars. This represents the lasting ripple effect the USWNT has on future generations. It is derived from the Latin word ‘nova’ meaning new -- expressing a hallmark of this team and its players to continually forge new paths, re-write the rules, and raise standards on and off the field. The colors pulled through are a modern twist on the traditional red, white, and blue found on the American Flag.

The Collective marks the first initiative of its kind for any National Governing Body and was purposefully designed by U.S. Soccer to highlight and elevate the profile of women in the creative industry who represent diverse perspectives, ideas, and forms of expression through their work.