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U.S. Soccer Fan Council

The U.S. Soccer Fan Council was created in 2018 as a way to give fans a voice in the Federation’s governance.  The Council is dedicated to advocating for all fans of teams under the U.S. Soccer umbrella and aims to increase its outreach and exposure to the U.S. Soccer community, including the affiliated councils and organizations.


The Fan Council works closely with U.S. Soccer, meeting quarterly in-person and/or via teleconference.  The application to become a fan representative is open to all U.S. Soccer Premium Insiders and above, who are the most dedicated supporters from across the country. Insiders will be made aware when the next election will take place. 


Two members of the five-member Council are voted as Chairperson and Co-Chairperson.  Additionally, two members are selected each year to serve as voting representatives on the National Council, voting on issues of Federation governance such as:


  • The election of U.S. Soccer President and Vice President;

  • Approval of U.S. Soccer budgets;

  • The adoption of amendments to the articles of incorporation and bylaws of U.S. Soccer;

  • Affirming the policies approved by the Board of Directors for the past year.


All fans have the ability to support the growth of soccer and be a part of the Federation’s mission to make soccer, in all its forms, the preeminent sport in the United States.  If you would like to contact the Fan Council email us at: fancouncil@ussoccer.org.  We would love to hear from you.


U.S. Soccer Crest

Fan Council 2023 Election

Join the U.S. Soccer Fan Council and be a spokesperson for U.S. Soccer fans.

Established in 2017, the U.S. Soccer Fan Council gives fans an official voice and vote in Federation policy-making, Presidential elections, budget adoption and more.

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fan council update - may 2023

A Letter from our Fan Council

Get To Know The Council

Anna Monteiro
Anna monteiro

Anna is an avid women’s soccer and basketball fan with a passion for following the USWNT. She has followed the U.S. team to two World Cups and you can usually spot her in USA gear, including her team jersey and her stars and stripes sneakers. As part of the Fan Council, she wants to improve the fan experience and give a voice to those that do not have one. 

Donald Wine
donald wine

Donald has watched and played soccer for almost his entire life, from the days just before the USMNT qualified for the 1990 World Cup to seeing the USWNT lift their fourth World Cup last year. He’s on the national board for the American Outlaws, an independent supporters’ group for the U.S. National Teams, and you will find him regularly at the front of the supporters’ section, banging a huge drum and leading cheers for the entire stadium. In his free time, he enjoys traveling to follow the teams and he also co-manages a blog dedicated to coverage of the U.S. National Teams.

Rachel Posnick
rachel posnick

Rachel has been watching soccer her whole life. She’s met some of her best friends in the stands at games. When she’s not traveling to watch the USWNT or yelling from her seat at Providence Park, she’s fighting infectious diseases from her desk as an epidemiologist. As part of the Fan Council, Rachel aspires to make travel accessible to fans who have yet to experience a live game.



Liz Lafitte
liz lafitte

Liz has a passion for women’s soccer, whether it is following the USWNT across the world or bouncing around to different NWSL matches – she’s there! With her career in social media, Liz enjoys finding ways to leverage her expertise to both advance women’s sports and advocate for our LGBTQ+ family. In addition to her love for the USWNT, Liz has a special connection to the U.S. Deaf National Teams. When not watching sports, you can find Liz biking on one of the many trails in Austin or playing frisbee at Zilker Park.

Lauralynn Stephen
lauralynn stephen 

Lauralynn has deep love and admiration for both the USMNT and USWNT. A US Navy Gulf War veteran, she has respect for the uniform and what it means to put one on. Her 20+ year role as a soccer mom has shown Lauralynn that the fan experience is intrinsic to the development of our youth players. She sees collaboration as the key to success and is eager to connect with other soccer fans to help identify opportunities where positive improvements to the match day experience exist and take the steps necessary to implement those ideas; ensuring that each fan, at every level, has a match day experience that leaves them wanting more soccer in their lives.