Supporters Circle
Supporters Circle


✔ Circle presale ticket access**

 Circle Access to Purchase World Cup tickets**

 Postgame field level access passes for an on-field family photo at one U.S. National Team match of your choice*

✔ Access to U.S. Soccer Leadership Teleconferences

 One (1) Vote for the Fan Council

 80% Tax Deductible ($798)

 U.S. Soccer jersey (Captains Circle)

✘ Two (2) Pre-game VIP hospitality passes per match* (Captains Circle)

✘ Concierge ticketing services for U.S. Soccer-hosted matches (Coaches Circle)

 Two (2) field-level access passes to watch warm-ups per match* (Coaches Circle)

✘ Opportunity for you and a guest to participate at-cost in select Patrons Programs VIP travel packages (Coaches Circle)

 Two (2) VIP pre-game tour passes per match* (President Circle)

 Right to purchase a suite* (Presidents Circle)

*Game experiences are only available at U.S. Soccer-hosted matches and are subject to availability based on game and stadium set-up. ** Tickets are subject to availability. Tickets through U.S. Soccer’s World Cup Ticket allotment are sold through a weighted random draw based on your Insiders tier.