• Position Goalkeeper
  • Number 12
  • Date of Birth Dec 02 1999
  • Hometown Mount Washington, KY
  • Height 5’ 10"
My parents put me in soccer when I was 4. Ever since then I have loved and played the sport. I began in the YMCA playing with local children and then eventually began playing on continually more competitive teams. It wasn’t until high school soccer that I noticed the disparity between myself and my teammates. Once I realized I was going to have to work twice as hard to be just as good as anyone else on the field the game changed for me. It was no longer only a fun sport; it was a way for me to prove to myself that I could achieve my goals if I worked hard enough. It also served as a way for me to prove myself to others. Soccer became a lifeline for me in many respects. Cerebral Palsy was not something I was going to let hinder my potential, and soccer was something that showed me that I didn’t have to. I’m diplegically impaired, and what that means is two limbs (my legs) are adversely affected. Because of this impairment I walk with a scissor gait and on my toes sometimes. This sometimes can make it difficult to control the ball with my feet and have any significant ball skills. However, despite this, I play as a goalkeeper and can make due with the situations I am put in with the ball at my feet. Aside from soccer, I enjoy many things, I like to read, learn French, try to make music, and play basketball. When I am not away at school I live at home with my parents, Dennis and Kandi Alvey, and my only sibling, Raeann Alvey.