Letter from U.S. Soccer President Cindy Parlow Cone - Feb. 10, 2022

U.S. Soccer Crest
U.S. Soccer Crest

February 10, 2022


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I absolutely share your concern about the allegations of unconscionable abusive behavior and sexual misconduct in both the professional league and at the youth level. The Washington Post article was the first that U.S. Soccer learned of the latest allegations concerning sexual abuse by Rory Dames. As I’ve said to many of you personally, I am incredibly angered and saddened by the multiple reports that have come out about these horrific situations too many girls and women have had to endure within our sport.


As the President of U.S. Soccer, ensuring that soccer players at all levels in this country can participate in soccer in a safe environment is of the utmost importance for me personally and for the Federation.


To ensure that future, we hired former U.S. Attorney and Deputy Attorney General of the United States Sally Yates to lead an independent investigation into these allegations. I want to reiterate that she and her team have been given full autonomy and access to all the necessary resources they need to follow the facts and evidence wherever they lead. Once again, we are committed to full transparency and will make the findings public.


This incredibly important work by Ms. Yates and her team is ongoing and like you we eagerly await the results of the investigation. As we’ve said in the past, Ms. Yates has committed to sharing any findings that U.S. Soccer should take immediate action on. Again, we will share absolutely everything. We also understand to be of value, such an investigation will take time and is highly dependent on participation and cooperation of many parties within soccer. We encourage anyone who has any information relevant to these issues to speak directly with Ms. Yates and her team so that she can complete her investigation in a timely manner. That’s the best path to ensure she has a complete picture of the facts and then we can make the changes that are needed to make the sport safe for our entire soccer community – especially the youngest players.


We are incredibly thankful to all the players who have spoken up during the past few months. Your voices have been immeasurable in shining a light on these horrific scenarios and pushed all of us forward in ensuring change comes quickly.


I know I speak for everyone at U.S. Soccer when I say we are eager to learn from the investigation about any systemic issues that exist in the sport – including at the Federation – so we can continue the process of making the necessary changes to protect all players and prevent anything like this from happening again. We are ready and willing to lead all of us forward and use this as an opportunity to set things right and rebuild the trust of the entire soccer community.


We are confident by approaching this process with a true desire for meaningful change, we can rebuild the culture within our sport; one where everyone is safe, welcomed and supported. 


Cindy Parlow Cone

U.S. Soccer President


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