As part of our U.S. Soccer Strategic Vision we highlighted the importance of growing the game and fostering the best playing environments. After releasing the strategy, we began collecting feedback from members and stakeholders across the landscape that suggested the need for a more comprehensive ecosystem review. That ecosystem review is kicking off now and we need your feedback to ensure our collective success. 

Our goal is to empower our ecosystem to make soccer the #1 sport for the next generation.

Phase 1 - Collect Feedback and Assess
Set an engagement model to complete this review and assess current state characteristics

Phase 2 – Develop Co-Authored Strategies
Develop a high-level strategic framework with philosophies to tackle the challenges identified

Phase 3 – Agree to Workplan
Create workplan to collaborate with landscape stakeholders across the ecosystem to facilitate this change 

Phase 4 – Implement
Operationalize the plan, measuring implementation progress




  • Recreational (Millions of Participants): Soccer played for the foundational understanding of the game or as a leisure / social activity as the desired experience
  • Competitive (Hundreds of Thousands of Participants): Soccer played for more competitive competition and development with an aspiration to reach the next level
  • Pre-Professional (10,000+ Participants): Highest level of amateur competition and development with a focus on reaching the professional / national level
  • Professional (~4,500 Participants): The top level of soccer – beyond U.S. National team – that meets rigorous standards of competition and development

How to engage with us

To provide direct feedback to our Ecosystem Review team, please fill out this form.