Safe soccer clearance beta launch

Safe soccer clearance

U.S. Soccer is proud to announce the beta launch of our Safe Soccer Clearance program. This program will strengthen safeguarding by providing an option for “green-lighting” eligible participants, in addition to “red-lighting” bad actors after an incident has occurred.

The Safe Soccer Clearance program will centralize safeguarding elements in one, easy-to-use program that includes the Center for SafeSport’s core training, purpose-built safeguarding education, annual verification of contact information, and a USOPC background check.

After months of small-scale pilot testing and iterations, U.S. Soccer’s goal for the beta launch is to test the program at scale. We are dedicated to ensuring the Safe Soccer Clearance program works for everyone.


We are encouraging organizations to determine if the beta launch is right for their group by reviewing the following target audience characteristics. Those who meet the majority of these characteristics are likely a strong fit for the beta program:

  • Small to mid-scale clubs or organizations (approximately 1-5k participants) who are acquainted with current safeguarding requirements
  • Organizations who currently use manual processes to offer and track safeguarding elements (e.g., SafeSport training, background checks)
  • Specialty or associate member organizations who may have limited resourcing or staff support for safeguarding efforts
  • Organizations who are willing and able to provide U.S. Soccer with feedback on the usability of the Safe Soccer Clearance program
  • Those who want to take advantage of U.S. Soccer’s USOPC background check process, priced at $23 for a 2-year check

We would ask that large, national members reach out to us directly at to understand if this program is right for their organization.


Those participating in the beta launch of the Safe Soccer Clearance program are encouraged to take the feedback survey found here. This input helps ensure the Safe Soccer Clearance program is designed and operating in a way that benefits all organizations.

U.S. Soccer will conduct focus group discussions. If your organization is interested in having a focus group discussion, or for more information, please contact to


U.S. Soccer will continue to explore additional functionalities to increase usability and make the Safe Soccer Clearance program as effective as possible.

Current capabilities under development include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Creating administrative dashboards so leaders can monitor the Safe Soccer Clearance status of their organization’s participants
  • Seamlessly connecting the Safe Soccer Clearance program with registration platforms, creating one workflow for participants to sign-up with their club and complete all safeguarding requirements
  • Including workflows that address state-specific background check requirements
  • Offering user payment optionality, allowing an organization to determine if they will be covering the cost of all background checks, or if the individual themselves covers the cost


How do I create a Learning Center Account?
Creating an account is free and easy, please follow this Link to create one. Make sure that you provide your name, address, and email address.

Do I need a background check to be ‘Safe Soccer Cleared’?
To obtain the complete Safe Soccer Clearance, you must have a clear background check (or have successfully completed the background check appeals process) and complete all the tasks in Phase 1 and Phase 2.

How much does a background check cost?
U.S. Soccer’s USOPC background check costs $23 and is valid for 2 years.

How can I find out if my coach has been cleared?
The status of a coach or any participant can be found by searching the directory here.

Do I need Safe Soccer Clearance to coach, referee, work at a club, etc.?
No. The Safe Soccer Clearance is currently a voluntary program; however, your club and/or member organization may require you to obtain a clearance as a condition of participation or registration.

I have already done SafeSport Training; Do I need to do it again?
No. You can import your certificate if you have completed SafeSport Training on another platform. Please see: Profile is Missing my SafeSport Certificate

Why can’t I launch SafeSport?
Troubleshooting support can be found here.

If someone receives a USSF Safe Soccer Clearance, do we have to let them participate?
No. Our members may evaluate participants against their risk management criteria and determine whether they can register with that member.

My Background Check has been flagged; how do I appeal?
If you’d like to request a copy of your report to determine why you were flagged, you may do so by contacting JDP directly or locating the pre-adverse action letter emailed to you by JDP.

After rereviewing your pre-adverse action letter, you may appeal this decision by completing the questionnaire here within 10 days.

If you have any additional information or documents, in addition to completing the questionnaire you may send them to The questionnaire must be completed in its entirety with substantive responses to each question or the appeal may be denied.

If you were previously approved through this appeals process and received a flagged result on a subsequent check, you must still submit an appeal request here. Please indicate that you have previously been approved. We will review your new report to confirm that there are no new charges or offenses, and then you will be approved. If there are any new charges or offenses on your most recent background check report, you will be required to submit the questionnaire again.

U.S. Soccer may be required to report certain background check findings, namely charges or offenses involving sexual misconduct or child abuse, to the U.S. Center for SafeSport ("the Center”). In these cases, you will be notified about this report and U.S. Soccer’s appeals process will be suspended pending the Center’s investigation. Once the Center’s process has concluded, you may still be required to complete U.S. Soccer’s process.

Please note, if you choose to appeal this decision and the appeals committee denies your appeal, you will not receive your Safe Soccer Clearance. If your appeal is upheld, you will continue to be flagged on subsequent background check reports, but you will not be required to complete the appeals process if there are no new charges or convictions on your report. In this case, you must follow the process outlined about to be approved for your Safe Soccer Clearance.