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In a post game interview with the man whose Wikipedia page momentarily read "greatest American since Abe Lincoln," John Brooks said he had a dream that he would score for the #USMNT in the 88th minute, but the winning goal came in the 86th minute - close enough!.

His telling dream got many to wondering what else was on Brooks' mind. So, the young defender sat down for an #AskBrooks Twitter Q&A to answer all manner of questions from fans and the media.

In the course of answering the tidal flood of questions, U.S. Soccer's latest entrant into #USMNT folklore revealed the music that inspired him to rock the world.

 There was no practice for the team on Tuesday, so the players took the opportunity to celebrate GK Nick Rimando's 35th birthday, following a killer BBQ. Class act that he is, Rimando shared the good vibes with a fellow U.S. fan.

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Today we look forward.

With the march towards 2022 underway and the 2026 FIFA World Cup in North America as our guidepost, the U.S. Men’s National Team has embarked on a new journey. The hallmarks of the culture remain, with perseverance, grit and dogged determination fueled by the pride to represent the United States and each and every one of you.

We take nothing for granted. The path ahead will be paved with successes and informed by setbacks. We will build strength through commitment and character, accepting challenges and rising every time we fall. We will be aggressive and play without fear, for history demonstrates that fortune favors the bold.

Like any grand project, ours is a work in progress. We cannot do it alone. Pioneering a new path forward takes the will of a generation full of optimism and hope, bound by the belief that there is nothing we cannot achieve if we are united in the cause. This is the American spirit, from which is born the American dream. It is time to take our destiny in our own hands and turn that dream into a reality. And do it together.

The future is US.

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MNT Oct 10, 2018