U.S. Soccer Coaching Education Announces 2024 B License Courses

U.S. Soccer Members to Administer 40 B License Courses in 24 Different States

CHICAGO (Nov. 7, 2023)  Continuing in its mission to foster the best playing environments, U.S. Soccer Coaching Education has finalized the locations for the 2024 B License Course. As the Federation works with its membership to increase the number of coaches in the country, 2024 will mark the largest offering of the B License with 40 courses planned by 25 organizations in 24 different states.

Applicants can register through the U.S. Soccer Learning Center and directly contact the host member organization for more information.

“We’re continuing to see significant interest in the B License, and that is a credit to our members for making the course more accessible,” U.S. Soccer Director of Coaching Didier Chambaron said. “As more coaches get the opportunity to develop, the new course structure offers growth throughout the entire process and allows for more sustainable learning.”

The B course will be organized during a six-month period (January to June and July to December 2024) and will consist of a combination of virtual learning and in-person meetings. The two planned in-person meetings will take place through four-day periods.


Female applicants accepted into the B course will have 50 percent of their tuition waived thanks to the Jill Ellis Scholarship Fund, which was established in the fall of 2019.

Participants in U.S. Soccer Coaching Education courses will have the opportunity to earn a nationally recognized license from U.S. Soccer, a FIFA national member association, and the governing body of soccer in all its forms in the United States.

For details on other U.S. Soccer Coaching Education courses, please visit the U.S. Soccer Learning Center and review the information under “Available Courses” or check out our FAQ page.

About the U.S. Soccer Federation

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