U.S. Soccer’s SheBelieves mission is to inspire women and girls to achieve their dreams in sports and beyond.  As part of our continued efforts to achieve this mission, we have created the SheBelieves Online Academy, a tool designed to assist women in reaching personal and professional goals.  


As women, we often face similar challenges.  Things like how to confront and alter societal norms, how to change negative thought patterns, how to step into roles or situations that are typically led by men, how to boost confidence, and more.  While these topics are not exclusive to women and not encountered by all women, they are still all too common among high achieving women and can stand in the way of making progress toward goals.   


SheBelieves Online Academy is a way for U.S. Soccer to help women with these shared challenges and offer techniques to take them head on.

With the insights from Millennial and Gen Z Expert, Joan Kuhl, and through lessons of inspiration and achievement from our Women’s National Team and U.S. Soccer leadership, we have created a self-guided digital learning tool consisting of information and activities to guide women through various topics centered around confidence and career.


SheBelieves Online Academy can be accessed through the SheBelieves portal and includes resources (videos, articles, workbooks, facilitation guides and more) that can be utilized individually or as part of a group.  It has been created in a way that you can learn something whether you simply watch one video or complete all modules. 


We encourage you to check it out below.

First Up

Module 1: BUILD YOUR Confidence