U.S. Soccer Statement on Equal Pay Lawsuit

U.S. Soccer Crest
U.S. Soccer Crest

U.S. Soccer remains committed to equal pay for our senior national team players and ensuring that they remain among the highest paid in the world.

The arguments advanced by the Women’s National Team are not supported by the facts or the law. The Women’s National Team specifically bargained for a different pay structure that prioritized the stability of guaranteed salaries and substantial benefits over higher-risk contingent game bonuses. After reviewing all of the components of the two teams’ compensation packages, not just the game bonuses in isolation, the District Court correctly ruled that the Women’s National Team was paid more than the Men’s National Team both in aggregate and on a per game basis.

We remain confident in our legal position and the affirmance of the District Court’s decision on appeal.  As a non-profit organization, U.S. Soccer believes the success of our senior national teams is critical to our overall mission and that prolonged and costly litigation is not in the best interest of our current and future players, our fans or the future of the game. We therefore will continue to seek a resolution of this matter outside of court.

Last week, U.S. Soccer offered identical contract proposals to the Women’s and Men’s National Team Players’ Associations and once again called on both associations to join the Federation in finding a way to equalize FIFA prize money.