109 Open Division Teams Enter Qualifying Rounds For 2024 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup

First Qualifying Round Scheduled for Weekend of September 9-10; NPSL, USL League Two Elect to Use 2023 League Results to Decide Participants; 2023 USASA National Champions SC MesoAmerica and UPSL Spring National Champion AS Frenzi Awarded First Round Slots

CHICAGO (August 29, 2023) – One hundred and nine (109) Open Division teams have entered the Qualifying Rounds for the 2024 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup – U.S. Soccer's National Championship.

U.S. Soccer has also announced the draw for the First Qualifying Round to be played September 9-10 and the Second Qualifying Round scheduled for September 30-October 1.

The First Qualifying Round will feature 21 matches, with 67 teams on a bye. The Second Qualifying Round will include 44 matches, with all 88 remaining teams taking the field.

The Open Division Qualifying Rounds are conducted on a single-game, knockout basis.

Byes and pairings were determined by a combination of geography and random selection to minimize travel and expense. Home teams are determined by random selection. The Qualifying Rounds will take place across four weekends from September to late November 2023.

2024 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Qualifying Schedule
Sept. 9-10, 2023 – First Qualifying Round - 21 matches
Sept. 30 – Oct. 1, 2023 – Second Qualifying Round - 44 matches
Oct. 21-22, 2023 – Third Qualifying Round - 22 matches
Nov. 18-19, 2023 – Fourth Qualifying Round - 11 matches

A total of 11 slots in the 2024 tournament proper will be awarded to the teams left standing after the four Qualifying Rounds.

The historic annual tournament, entering its 109th edition, is the only high-profile event in American team sports where amateur sides have the opportunity, should they advance far enough, to face professionals in meaningful competition.

SC MesoAmerica & AS Frenzi Earn Spot in First Round Proper
Beyond their peers competing in the Open Division Qualifying Rounds, amateur clubs SC MesoAmerica United (Los Angeles, Calif.) and AS Frenzi (Lake Mary, Fla.) have been awarded direct berths to the First Round Proper of the 2024 Open Cup by virtue of winning the 2023 U.S. Adult Soccer Association (USASA) National Amateur Cup and United Premier League (UPSL) Spring National Championship respectively.

National League Qualifying
Both the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) and USL League Two (USLL2) have opted to use the Open Division National Leagues track for qualifying, substituting league competition for the Qualifying Rounds. This election allows the two nationwide amateur leagues to use 2023 league results to determine their clubs that will participate in the First Round Proper.

2024 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup - Open Division Teams Entering via the Qualifying Rounds - Listed by State, League & Member Organization

Alabama (1)
FC Birmingham (UPSL)


Arizona (3)
Coronado Athletic Club (UPSL)
SC Union Maricopa (UPSL)
Sporting Arizona FC (Southwest Premier League / USASA)


California (21)
Bay Area United FC (NISA Nation / USASA)
Capo FC (NISA Nation / USASA)
Elk Grove Blues (UPSL)
Escondido SC (UPSL)
FC Folsom (UPSL)
International SF (SFSFL / USASA)
Irvine FC (UPSL)
Irvine Zeta (UPSL)
Jasa RWC (NISA Nation / USASA)
Laguna United FC (UPSL)
Marin County Union SC (National Soccer League / USSSA-Soccer)
Murrieta Soccer Academy (UPSL)
Real San Jose (National Soccer League / USSSA-Soccer)
Rebels SC (UPSL)
Santa Monica Surf (UPSL)
SC Trojans FC (UPSL)
Temecula FC (NISA Nation / USASA)
The Olympic Club (SFSFL / USASA)
UC Davis Club (West Coast Soccer Association / USASA)
Valley 559 FC (UPSL)


Colorado (5)
Azteca FC (Colorado Premier League / USSSA-Soccer)
Colorado Rovers (Colorado Premier League / USSSA-Soccer)
FC Denver (Colorado Premier League / USSSA-Soccer)
Harpos FC (Colorado Premier League / USSSA-Soccer)
Peak Eleven Football Club (Mountain Premier League / USASA)

Connecticut (1)
Ole Football Club (UPSL)

District of Columbia (3)
Aegean Hawks FC (American Premier League / USASA)
DCFC (D.C. Premier League / USASA)
Yinz United (American Premier League / USASA)

Florida (18)
CFL GOSA Spurs (United States Soccer League / USSSA-Soccer)
Chargers Soccer Club (UPSL)
City Soccer FC (United States Soccer League / USSSA-Soccer)
Dade County FC (UPSL)
Deportivo Lake Mary FC (UPSL)
Florida Brothers (United States Soccer League / USSSA-Soccer)
Florida Premier FC (UPSL)
Harbor City FC (UPSL)
Hodler Miami FC (United States Soccer League / USSSA-Soccer)
Hurricane FC (Florida Gold Coast League / USASA)
Leg-AZ World FC (UPSL)
Miami Soccer Academy (United States Soccer League / USSSA-Soccer)
Miami United FC (United States Soccer League / USSSA-Soccer)
Orlando FC Wolves (United States Soccer League / USSSA-Soccer)
O'Shea's FC (United States Soccer League / USSSA-Soccer)
Parkland Soccer Club (UPSL)
Royal Palms Soccer Club (UPSL)
Soccer Paradise FC (United States Soccer League / USSSA-Soccer)

Georgia (4)
Kalonji Pro-Profile (UPSL)
Majestic Soccer Club (ADASL / USASA)
North Georgia United (UPSL)
Terminus FC (ADASL / USASA)

Illinois (5)
Berber City FC (Midwest Premier League / USASA)
Chicago House AC (Midwest Premier League / USASA)
Chicago Strikers (UPSL)
Edgewater Castle Football Club (Midwest Premier League / USASA)
Wisloka Chicago (UPSL)

Massachusetts (4)
Boston Street FC (UPSL)
Brockton FC United (UPSL)
CD Faialense (Bay State Soccer League / USASA)
FC Omens (Bay State Soccer League / USASA)

Maryland (3)
Christos FC (Maryland Super Soccer League / USASA)
MoCo 1776 FC (UPSL)
Steel Pulse FC (Maryland Super Soccer League / USASA)

North Carolina (1)
Mint Hill FC (UPSL)

New Jersey (3)
New Jersey Alliance FC (UPSL)
Real Central NJ Soccer (EPSL / USASA)
SC Vistula Garfield (Garden State Soccer League / USASA)

New Mexico (1)
UDA Soccer (UPSL)

Nevada (1)
BattleBorn FC (NISA Nation / USASA)

New York (9)
IASC Boom (Rochester District Soccer League / USASA)
Lansdowne Yonkers FC (EPSL / USASA)
Manhattan Kickers FC (Cosmopolitan Soccer League / USASA)
New York Braveheart SC (UPSL)
New York Greek American SC (EPSL / USASA)*
New York Pancyprian Freedoms (EPSL / USASA)^
NY Renegades FC (UPSL)
Sahara Gunners FC (UPSL)
Zum Schneider FC 03 (EPSL / USASA)

Ohio (1)
Valhalla FC (Ohio Valley Premier League / USASA)

Pennsylvania (6)
Colonial SC (United Soccer League of Pennsylvania / USASA)
Kensington Soccer Club (EPSL / USASA)
Philadelphia Heritage SC (EPSL / USASA)
Philadelphia Ukrainian Nationals (United Soccer League of Pennsylvania / USASA)**
United German Hungarians (United Soccer League of Pennsylvania / USASA)
Vereinigung Erzgebirge (United Soccer League of Pennsylvania / USASA)

South Carolina (1)
South Carolina United Heat (UPSL)

Tennessee (1)
Tennessee Tempo FC (UPSL)

Texas (9)
Alamo City Soccer Club (UPSL)
Athletic Katy FC (United States Soccer League / USSSA-Soccer)
Austin Longhorns (Austin Men’s Soccer Association / USASA)
Austin Thunder (Austin Men’s Soccer Association / USASA)
Central Texas Lobos (Gulf Coast Premier League / USASA)
Daggers CTX (Gulf Coast Premier League / USASA)
Foro SC (UPSL)
Houston FC (United States Soccer League / USSSA-Soccer)
Tenfifteen FC (UPSL)

Utah (1)
Provo Athletic Club (UPSL)

Virginia (4)
Arlington SA (UPSL)
VA Revolution Pro (UPSL)
Villarreal CF Virginia (UPSL)

Washington (3)
Bellevue Athletic FC (UPSL)
Holac FC (UPSL)
Sharktopus Football Club (Recreational Adult Team Soccer / USSSA-Soccer)

* Four-time U.S. Open Cup Champion (1967-69, 1974)
^ Three-time U.S. Open Cup Champion (1980, 1982-83)
** Four-time U.S. Open Cup Champion (1960-61, 1963, 1966)

Facts and Figures - Open Division Teams Entering via Qualifying Rounds:

  • Twenty-one different leagues represented.
  • Twenty-three different states plus the District of Columbia represented.
  • Four teams have entered all five previous editions of Open Division Qualifying Rounds:
    • Colorado (2): Colorado Rovers, Harpos FC
    • New York (1): New York Pancyprian Freedoms
    • Pennsylvania (1): Vereinigung Erzgebirge
  • Fifty-nine teams are entering Open Division for a second year in a row.