Quotes From The U.S. Soccer Ecosystem On The National Training Center

USSF Crest
USSF Crest

Kelley O’Hara - USWNT

“This is a positive endeavor for U.S. Soccer to undertake and I think it’s an important step in the Federation’s history to have a National Training Center. Being a part of U.S. Soccer for so long and never having a central training site makes this project really exciting and I think it will help the Federation and all the National Teams become more cohesive. It’s great for the future of the game in the USA and Atlanta is of course near and dear to my heart. The city will be a wonderful host and I can’t think of a better location.”


Emily Sonnett - USWNT
“For the continuing development of U.S. Soccer and growth the sport in our country, getting a facility of this kind is natural next step. For me, it’s just cool to see Atlanta chosen as the site. With Atlanta United having so much success and seeing how much soccer has thrived there, I know everyone in the Atlanta area will be great hosts. Most importantly, it will be exciting to have players from all our National Teams – from the full team to the youth teams to our extended National Teams -- have a familiar and comfortable space to continue to develop, grow and learn.”


Weston McKennie - USMNT

“I think this will be amazing for us. Having somewhere to call our home and having a place where all U.S. Soccer National Teams can train and develop. It’s always good to have that because it’s similar to academy systems, where young kids can see what they could be and where they can go, and it’s all very close knit. You see the best countries around the world have their own facilities, so it’ll be nice for us to have a home base where we can come together and keep working toward being our best.”  


Christian Pulisic - USMNT

“It’s really exciting to bring all the National Teams and all the players across all forms of soccer together in one place, and to have one location and state-of-the-art facility to be our home where we can be comfortable, be together, and have all the resources we need to help us be at our highest level.”  


Walker Zimmerman - USMNT

“Having our National Training Center is a huge step for us. It puts us on par with the elite in international soccer and I think as a player, when you hear that slogan, ‘One Nation. One Team,’ to know that you’re going to be training at the same place as all the other National Teams – the Women’s team, the CP team, the Beach National Teams, the Youth National Teams – I think it’s going to be inspiring for the youth players to get a chance to train at a new center where they can see first team players and get a chance to interact every now and then and see that’s what they’re striving for. It’s going to be a state-of-the-art facility and something I think we should all be really excited about.”  


“It’s been awesome to see how much soccer has grown in Georgia and Atlanta specifically. When Atlanta United was awarded a team by MLS, I think there were some skeptical people who knew the youth scene was big but questioned whether soccer could be super successful there, so to see what they’ve done in that city with that stadium, it’s really taking over the fanbase and it’s growing, so adding a top-level, state of the art facility to Atlanta will be great for the city for our National Teams, and I’m sure people will be excited to see one of the best training facilities in the world.” 


Marcelo Balboa - USMNT

“This is awesome news for the growth of our game in this country. U.S. Soccer has taken great strides over the years to keep growing the sport with facilities in Kansas and in Los Angeles, but now to build a National Training Center for our senior National Teams, Youth National Teams and Extended National Teams is that final step that we needed to take. We’ve seen the positive impact that has made for other programs across the world.  Also, these types of facilities will help draw international players, making it more enticing for a player to want to come at any level, men, or women, to play for the U.S. National Team. I am excited to see the finished product.” 


Shannon Boxx - USWNT

“It’s very exciting that multiple National Teams will be able to be in the same place at the same time. You can really make great connections, learn from each other and be inspired. Younger players can watch and interact with older players and coaches can exchange ideas. Injured players or players in their off seasons can have a home base to train that has everything: fields, lifting, rehab, high performance, coaches to work with, nutrition, video and more. It’s just a fantastic project for a holistic approach to our National Teams and for our staff, who will be continuing to grow all the off-field initiatives that are so important to the future of U.S. Soccer and the game in this country.”


Julie Foudy - USWNT

“A National Training Center is such an important step forward for U.S. Soccer, most notably for what has been a vital piece of the puzzle, and that’s our Youth National Teams. The importance of youth development cannot be understated or under-supported. Our Youth National Teams need the resources, the time in camps together, and the opportunities for these players to reach their full potential. This training center will be a big lift for this next generation of players to provide an immersive and comprehensive training environment to help our young players excel.”


Tim Howard - USMNT

“Having spent most of my career in Europe, I have seen the massive impact that world-class facilities can have on the success of teams and organizations. Building a National Training Center is a remarkable step forward for the growth of U.S. Soccer and sends a clear message that the Federation is committed to elevating the sport in the United States at all levels.” 

Cobi Jones – USMNT
"Building a National Training Center is another massive step in the development of soccer in the United States. As someone who played in the 1994 World Cup, I witnessed first-hand how transformative these moments can be. A facility like this provides the environment our teams need to compete against the best teams in the world. For players, it’s a dream come true."

Danielle Slaton - USWNT

"This is an historic moment for U.S. Soccer and I know what we build will be state-of-the-art. It will be a place for our world class athletes to express their talents and have everything they need to hone their crafts. I get most excited when think about what will develop for the future of the game within those walls and out on those fields. I know when you feel grounded and at home, you have the greatest chance to be the best version of yourself. With this new NTC, every player in the United States who walks into this facility will have just that."


Josh Wolff   - USMNT

“Having grown up in Stone Mountain, I’ve witnessed the amazing strides the sport has taken in Georgia in the last 25 years. There’s incredible passion, diversity and expertise in the state, and it's clear to see with the leadership of Arthur Blank why Atlanta has become one of the top soccer destinations in the United States. This National Training Center will put our country on par with the elite soccer-playing nations in the world.” 

Riley Jackson – U-20 WYNT

“First of all, I’m so excited to hear about this project. I love this city and I love my home and I always have to travel so far to play for the National Team. Hopefully, I’ll continue to be able to wear the Crest and getting to train with the best players in the USA so close to home would be a dream come true. I love our community and I see soccer continuing to grow here every day. I think about my teammates on the Youth National Teams who have come up through the ranks together and how cool it would be them to all come here for a training camp. I know this NTC will be so inspiring for the people in the Atlanta area and I can’t wait to see how the project evolves.”


Joshua Brunais – CP MNT

“The National Training Centre will provide the Cerebral Palsy Men’s National team with a home to train and prepare for the world stage. It will also help the Extended National Teams to continue to feel included as an integral part of the U.S. Soccer Federation.” 


Diego Burato – Futsal MNT 

“Having a national training center would positively impact our sport as well as give great opportunity to improve our National Futsal Team. Having a stable location and our own facility to develop, train, and recover will improve the quality of our environment which allows us to better prepare for competing in national/world tournaments for the United States.”  


Lexi Heer – Power Soccer NT

“Having a National Training Center would mean I have a home court to train at to perfect my craft and not worry about where I can train. So many times, athletes in Power Soccer struggle to find a court to train in and this would alleviate this burden. It would allow us to perfect our craft and have a place to gather as a team and family with whom we’re all familiar. We’d be able to just focus on our training and what’s at hand. It would also allow us to potentially host other countries to play with us at a state-of-the-art facility.  


“Furthermore, it would strengthen ‘One Nation One Team,’ by having an all-inclusive environment. It would allow us to also collaborate and bond with all our teams and create that family environment.”  


Joey Martin – CP WNT

“The establishment of a National Training Center serves as a tangible investment as a designated place to further develop and grow the game of disabled soccer. Having a National Training Center would enable easier and more frequent access to training for each of the disabled national teams, and ensure that the U.S. can maintain peak performance, to perform well at competitions. Having a National Training Center would be such a blessing that would serve the current generation of this team and inspire the future as well.”  


Nicolas Perea – Beach MNT

“I would consider the National Training Center a turning point in the Beach NT Program’s history. That’s how important I believe it to be. Unlike our grass National Team families, who train and play on some of the best facilities in the U.S., sand fields are practically nonexistent, and public beaches host their own set of issues. An NTC will finally be a place the Beach National Team will get to call home.”


Edwin Perry – Deaf MNT 

“A National Training Center would be incredibly special to have, and it would be a place for all of us to share a common passion: soccer and to learn from every player/staff member that walks through the door. Having the NTC will put emphasis on the ‘One Nation, One Team.’ An NTC will help us as individuals learn from other players and staff to help improve our performance on the field.

“For players with disabilities, the NTC will provide the opportunity for us to learn from National Team players and also for them to learn about our disabilities, and together we grow the game of soccer and make U.S. Soccer the best program in the world! “ 


Kate Ward – Deaf WNT

“A National Training Center for all the Extended National Teams would be an incredible resource and opportunity for the U.S. to continue to develop soccer in all its forms. Our team would be grateful for the chance to improve alongside other national teams and to build on our winning legacy. 

“There are more countries that are investing in deaf soccer around the world, and we see women's teams improving every tournament. We feel more pressure every day to improve, and an NTC would allow our team to maximize resources so that we can continue being the best team in the world. 


“An opportunity of this nature is a unique and unprecedented opportunity for athletes with disabilities to train and be recognized as elite athletes. There isn't another country in the world with a soccer training center that provides this level of accessibility and inclusion, and the idea of it alone makes me proud to be a representative of U.S. Soccer. “ 


Pete Winslow – Power Soccer NT

“When I first heard about it, I thought this could be incredible. One of the things that power soccer teams deal with is a lack of gym time. We can’t always get into facilities and we’re always competing with basketball and other things. It can be really tough when we’re going through our season trying to find gyms. When I heard about this idea of having everything in one cohesive place, I was blown away. It really is great because not only is there a place we can consistently go to, but having facilities for us in mind as well as the other Extended National Teams really makes it feel more like ‘One Nation, One Team.’ “ 


Don Garber – MLS Commissioner

“U.S. Soccer’s new National Training Center will serve as a symbol of ambition and aspiration for all soccer players in our country for generations to come. Arthur Blank and Atlanta United, along with countless fans and many public and private partners, have shown that Atlanta has become a true soccer city and will be the perfect home for our federation. For everyone who has believed in soccer in America, today is another historic day.”

Jessica Berman - NWSL Commissioner

“On behalf of the National Women’s Soccer League, I commend the U.S. Soccer Federation for its continued investment into raising the bar for all players, coaches and officials in this country. Women's soccer in the United States has consistently set the global standard across all aspects of the game, and this state-of-the-art facility and accompanying investment reaffirm a shared commitment of maintaining that legacy while serving as a blueprint for nations worldwide. We look forward to celebrating the opening of this facility alongside U.S. Soccer as we continue elevating standards and fostering the growth of the beautiful game in the U.S. and beyond.”

John Motta – U.S. Soccer Board of Directors; President of United States Adult Soccer Association

“This is a historic day for U.S. Soccer and an exciting moment for the future of the sport in our country. This facility will be instrumental to the continued development of all our National Teams and will help accelerate the growth of the sport in all its forms in the U.S.”

Dr. Pete Zopfi – U.S. Soccer Board of Directors; US Youth Soccer Association Chair

“The National Training Center is a historic investment toward the promising future of soccer in our country. As we continue to navigate the most unique moment of opportunity to grow the sport in the U.S., this facility will be a crucial piece of a long-lasting legacy.”