ITC Request
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If a player holds professional status and wishes to register as an amateur with an amateur club in the U.S., the player is required to go through the amateur reinstatement process before that registration can be approved.



o   Passport

o   Visa

o   Permanent Resident Card




A complete application includes the following as described below:

  • All fields completed
  • Current and accurate information
  • Individual documents/attachments in PDF format no larger than 5MB.


Applications with missing, incomplete, inaccurate/wrong information, improper formatting will not be considered for review and applicant will be required to resubmit for processing.




Once eligibility is determined, Player Status will notify the applicant and those copied on the original submission.

Per FIFA regulations, a player previously registered as a professional may not re-register as an amateur until the following requirements have been met:

  • U.S. Soccer holds the player’s ITC
  • No sooner than 30 days after the player's last recorded match as a professional
  • The player must be out of contract at the time of application


Player Status will review application to confirm FIFA requirements have been met.  If the requirements are met U.S. Soccer will process the reinstatement and notify the player, club, league, and/or State Association that the player has successfully acquired amateur status. If the player’s last game as a professional was less than one year ago, receipt of payment will be attached to the notification.



Please note, Player Status is unable to provide/respond to status updates requests. Once an application has an update, all relevant parties will be notified accordingly.