Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of U.S. Soccer is the governing board of the Federation in accordance with the Amateur Sports Act of 1978. Consisting of elected members representing all facets of soccer in the United States, the Board administers the affairs of the Federation between meetings of the National Council.

Business Plans

Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors

Carlos Cordeiro

Vice President
Cindy Parlow Cone

Immediate Past President (non-voting)
Sunil Gulati

Athlete Representatives
Chris Ahrens, Carlos Bocanegra, Lori Lindsey, (Lindsay Tarpley Snow - Alternate)

Pro Council Representatives
Don Garber, Alec Papadakis

Adult Council Representatives
Richard Moeller, John Motta

Youth Council Representatives
Dr. Pete Zopfi, Tim Turney

At Large Representative
Mike Cullina

Independent Directors
Lisa Carnoy, Patti Hart

CEO/Secretary General (non-voting)
Dan Flynn