Life Members
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Life members

  • Bob Black*
  • Gianfranco Borroni
  • Bill Bosgraaf
  • Chris Christoffersen
  • Robert Contiguglia
  • Hank Des Bordes
  • Michael Edwards
  • Stephen Flamhaft
  • Richard Groff 
  • Burton Haimes
  • Marge Madriago*
  • Marty Mankamyer
  • Francisco Marcos
  • Peter Masotto*
  • Gerhard Mengel
  • Larry Monaco
  • Mary Pat Bell
  • Kevin Payne*
  • Foster Perry
  • Alan I. Rothenberg
  • Howard Rubenstein
  • Hank Steinbrecher
  • Bruno Trapikas

  • *Deceased

    What is a U.S. Soccer Federation Life Member?

    Life Membership is presented to individuals in recognition of long-time service and distinguished contributions to soccer in the United States.

    How do you become a Life Member?

    From the Bylaws of the United States Soccer Federation (Bylaw 231. LIFE MEMBERS):
    A member eligible to vote at the National Council may nominate an individual to be a Life Member of the Federation. The nomination must be submitted in writing to the Secretary General at least 120 days before the National Council meeting at which the nomination is to be considered. The nomination shall be included in the meeting notice sent out by the Secretary General about the meeting.

    A majority vote of the National Council shall be required to grant Life membership to an individual nominated. A Life Member only has voting rights as provided at National Council meetings and has no other voting or representational rights related to the activities and programs of the Federation.

    An individual shall be eligible for nomination as a Life Member if and only if they meet at least one of the following criteria:

    (a) The individual was an officer of the Federation, and was elected to such office by a majority vote of the National Council; or

    (b) The individual served on the U.S. Soccer Federation Board of Directors for at least 7 years; or

    (c) The individual was an officer for at least 15 years of an Organization Member that organizes or runs soccer programs or competitions of the Federation and in that role has provided extraordinary services to the Federation.

    (d) The individual was a staff member of the Federation, or served on a Federation committee, for at least 8 years.